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Praxis is a Minecraft Towny server that is set on a Large Earth Map. The server is well suited to those who wish to experience the server as they see fit without the fear of being banned, to provide this experience we have stripped down the rules of the server so that practically anything goes, wars can be declared whenever, Players can speak freely without being banned and damage to towns is not reset after wars. Basically, The server will not accommodate your usual needs like you would find on other servers, instead you will have to choose your path carefully in order to survive. (If you find any of the language that is used by players to be offensive, do not ask for them to be banned as you will probably have some form of action taken against you for not following rules. Instead, please use the /ignore command if you don't wish to hear any "offensive" language.

Nations Edit

A list of Nations and their leaders

Past Nations:

  • France led by Conan_mc
  • Spain led by CorruptedGreed
  • Bellum led by _TheFreshLemon_ (Now Known as TheFreshLemon and his clan being Asydria)
  • Philippines led by RichTheKids
  • Korea led by Lord_Bwekfest
  • Kalkoni Kingdom led by crlowman
  • Mexico led by Presidente Jaiq
  • Dixieland (Confederacy Of America) led by Leader HeyItsWho

Current Nations:

  • British_Empire led by Coffeetom
  • Byzantium led by Apolloius
  • Canada led by brady0423
  • FireNation led by Dogpoopdeck
  • Holy_Roman_Empire led by Geppyy
  • SovietUnion led by The1AndOnlyJebby

Info Edit

  • A Player can create a town for 32 gold with the command : /t new [name]
  • A Nation can be created for 160 gold with the command: /n new [name]

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